The History of Ballroom Dancing

credit: AnnemarieBon

credit: AnnemarieBon

Ballroom dancing is a beautiful art, engulfed in a rich history of love, passion and culture!

That is the main reason why I fell in love with ballroom dancing (remember my first blog?).  In this blog post, I want to explore the history of ballroom dancing in all its glory!

All throughout history ballroom dancing was practiced as a personal art and in competitions.  Starting in the 16th century, at least that is the earliest recorded, ballroom dancing was a social activity done in France.

In the early 19th century, the waltz was created in England.  This ballroom dance style was very controversial because of the close hold between partners.

The 20th century brought what we call modern ballroom dancing.  Blossoming out from couples dancing in sequence to more independent movement with more waltz influences.

During the 20th century is when the ballroom dancing style became more publicized, and people began opening training studios where the method was taught.  Professionals of ballroom dancing emerged, and the art was studied for more efficient training and technical performances.

Ballroom dancing became more of a special sport with organizations and clubs emerging.

Competitive ballroom dancing evolved into a very serious and strenuous sport where the young and old began practicing to achieve excellence and recognition.  At competitions, judges would critique anything from posture to expressions.

Competitions are my favorite part of ballroom dancing!  There is just something about practicing and performing in front of an audience than being rewarded for your hard work!

Different cultures have adopted ballroom dancing styles and made them their own, for example;

  • Tango – the Tango is a brilliant and seductive ballroom dancing style with evident Latin flare!
  • Mambo – also a Latin dance originating in Cuba

One neat fact about ballroom dancing is you can identify the country of origin based on the tempo!

Yes, that is correct, it is a fascinating fact about ballroom dancing!


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