Welcome To My Ballroom Dancing Blog

Ballroom dancing is a formal style of dancing that typically requires a partner of the opposite sex.

There are set steps and patterns that are performed to the rhythm of music.  Although professional dancers make the steps look easy, many years of practice goes into perfecting the art of ballroom dancing!

For years this style of dancing has been performed competitively and for fun.  It is a great way for you and your partner to grow closer together and have fun doing it!

I have years of experience in ballroom dance instruction and competitive dancing.  It is a passion of mine to teach others the art of ballroom dancing so that the style lives on!

Here is a sample of what ballroom dancing looks like:

It is a style of elegance and grace!  From the time I was a little, I enjoyed seeing people dance and always dreamed of being a professional dancer!

I spent several years dancing in competitions and now enjoy teaching others the art of ballroom dancing!

Be sure to stay tuned to my new posts about ballroom dancing!

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